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A well-furnished house is one of the best ways to make a good impression. As soon as a guest enters your abode, he or she will quickly learn a lot about you.

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As the saying goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” While, nowadays, not everyone has the luxury...

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A floor is more than a floor; it is a canvass onto which we paint our lives. Carpets determine how our feet feel when we walk around our homes.

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Welcome to Empire Bedding & Furniture

We at Empire Bedding & Furniture take pride in being the best place in all of Staten Island to meet your bedding, carpet, and furniture needs! Come on down and take a look through our wide variety of goods that will satisfy your household needs. We’ve built our business by offering quality products with quality service. While most businesses are interested in selling products, our goal is to serve our customers.

Whether you need a new rug, are redecorating your bedroom, or furnishing your new home, Empire Bedding & Furniture has what you need. We at Empire have our own families, so we understand how it is to function on a budget. Not only will we work with you to help you find whatever fits your bill, but we also offer so many styles of beds, chairs, rugs, and more that you are sure to be happy with how the final result looks.

A person’s home is an extension of his or her personality. Looking inside can give the observer deep insights into the owner’s inner psyche. No one wants to misrepresent themselves to the world, and we can help with that. By working with customers and using our vast amount of valuable experience, the Empire team can help anyone figure out how to decorate their home if they don’t yet know how. We also know all the ins and outs of the industry and work tirelessly, every day, to give our customers as much value as we possibly can.

Empire Bedding & Furniture has been proudly serving the Staten Island community ever since we opened. We’re a second-generation family business, and we’d be happy to get to know you better. We offer free estimates and financing, so call or visit us in Port Richmond now to meet all of your furnishing needs!

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